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Core Features

Go For Goals

Goals allow you to set and track goals for employees, departments, and the company itself.

Coplea Goals Graphic

Make Meetings

Meeting provides a platform for regular, one-on-one conversations between employees.

Offer Feedback

Feedbacks allows employees to receive constructive feedback on their performance.

Administer Assessments

Do away with endless PDF files, and administer assessments that gather all of your results in one place. 

Track Analytics

Analytics offer a comprehensive look at employee and manager performance across all levels.

Send Out Surveys

Gauge effectiveness and morale with company or department-wide surveys, deployable with the click of a button.

A.I. Assistance

Your Coplae AI assistant can provide an easy-access repository for company information!

Coplae AI Features Graphic

Manager Coaching

Coplae improves your managers, making every level of your company run smoothly!

Manager Coaching